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Our Mission:

internU revolutionizes how students prepare for their professional futures and how companies attract, train, and retain employees. We focus on three primary services; 


Over the last 12 years, we have learned how to read our partners’ needs for recruiting and hiring to get an in-depth understanding of how to make them better. By building a turn-key solution with a methodology and process, our services become even more valuable.


My experience with internU thus far has been extremely positive. The staff onsite is both friendly and helpful; they have placed me in an internship that aligned well with my skills and interests.  My time at internU has boosted my confidence and helped prepare me for future career options.      - John Briggs, Former internU Associate


Thank you for helping me expand my network, teaching me about soft skills and interview skills, helping me create my resume, helping me search for an internship, setting up shadow days, and all the other wonderful things you have done through internU. I look forward to working with you again in the future.      - Matt Norton, University of Pennsylvania Student

Leadership team

  • Chris Burns – “Opportunity Creator” CEO

  • Tiffany Maguire – “The Outreach Ambassador”

  • Kierstin Way – “SVP of Strategic Partnerships”

  • Jackie Cahill – “Head Recruiter”

  • Traci Mansfield – “jobolobi Director”

  • Pete Thompson – “Director of Managed Services / Head Chef"

  • Chrissy McCabe – “Recruiting Admin”

  • Leo Clugh – “Senior  Consultant”



internU was built to allow a platform for students to educate themselves on internships, for businesses to see the importance of a young, innovative workforce and universities to see the value in the future of its graduates.


304 E. King Street, Malvern, PA 19355

30 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102



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